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Background Checks

Pre-Employment Back Ground Checks

We will make sure your prospective employees are who they say they are .

Cyber Security

Protect your electronic devices from attacks. See what others have been doing on your electronic devices.

Pre-Trial Investigations

We will work with you and your legal representation to uncover the facts to help you get the best possible outcome in our Judicial System.

Infidelity & Welfare Checks

Spouse fidelity investigations and welfare check on children or elderly in your care when you have doubts about their well being.

Loss Prevention

We will work with you to uncover customers or employees who are stealing from you and help recovery your property. We can help setup electronic or in-person surveillance.

Insurance Fraud

Worker's Comp fraud, Medical insurance fraud and auto insurance fraud detection and prevention.

Additional Information

Private Investigation Resources

PI Resources

Information on becoming a Private Investigator and resources commonly used by people in the industry

The Law

State and Federal Laws that Private Investigators must abide by in the performance of their duties.

Private Investigtor Powers

Misconceptions about Private Investigators powers. What a Private Investigator can and can't do.

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